Our Projects

Empowering the local communities of Bombali District since 1996 in three focal areas, we work with the continuing aim of self-sustainability.


Strengthening the healthcare system in Sierra Leone, providing quality medical care to Magbenteh village, Makeni, Masanga and Lungi.



With a Boarding School and School Sponsorship programme, children are given the opportunity to learn, grow and improve their lives for the better.

Community Development

Community Development

Working at grass-root level to provide long and short term relief for the Makeni polio village and leprosy camp.

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Surface area: 71, 740 sq. km/ Population: 7,076,641 (2015)/ Capital city: Freetown/ Life expectancy: 49/ Currency: Leone/ Per capita income: US $684 (2015)/ Poverty: 70% live below the poverty line/ Infant mortality: 87.10 (per 1,000 births)/ Human Development Index: 0.413/ Literacy rate 58.7% for males and 37.7% for females/ President: Ernest Koroma/ Languages: English, Krio, Temne and Mende/ Religions: Islam and Christianity/ Agriculture: cocoa beans, diamonds, aluminium and titanium ores/ Politics: Sierra Leone is a constitutional republic with a directly elected President and a unicameral legislature.

The Swiss-Sierra Leone Development Foundation Team

With national and international staff working side by side, our small team at SSLDF works hard to establish funding and partnership opportunities to strengthen the health and education system in Bombali District in line with the Government of Sierra Leone. Swiss-Sierra Leone Development Foundation (SSLDF) is a national NGO with a Headquarters in Switzerland under Action Swiss-Sierra Leone (ASSL).
Viviana Granobles
Viviana Granobles
SSLDF Country Director
Harald Pfeiffer
Harald Pfeiffer
President of SSLDF
Ibrahim Bangura
Ibrahim Bangura
MCH Health Program Manager

Meet our Hospital Staff

Our dedicated hospital staff treated 14,000 in-and-out patients in 2017 alone. With supporting departments including an Operating Theatre; Laboratory; X-ray; Ultrasound; Pharmacy; Physiotherapy Ward and a Vaccination Clinic.

Thank you for your support and interest in our vital work.

Latest news

  • MCBS Feeding Program Launch

    After a delay of one trimester due to a interruption in funding, MCBS students finally get to enjoy their lunch time with a healthy meal prepared by the kitchen staff. The 240 children enrolled in the school come from very impoverished communities with most of them being orphaned and their caretakers suffering from socio-economical burdens […]

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    Cervical Cancer Screening

    HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI). It can affect people mostly in their late teens, early 20`s up to the senior ages of 65. In Sierra Leone, young girls are sexually active from early age, due to the lack of proper sexual education, no supervision, peer pressure and poverty. Also, adult women […]

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  • October 16:World Food Day

    The world observes World Food Day on October 16, F.A.O has launched the campaign “healthy diets for Zero Hunger”. In a world where 820 Million people suffer from hunger and even more are overweight or obese, Sierra Leone is definitely NOT in the favored side of the balance. Sierra Leone is a tropical country located […]

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    July 28. World Hepatitis Day

    Hepatitis is a viral virus causing an inflammation of the liver. There are 5 main hepatitis viruses, referred to as types A, B, C, D and E. In particular, types B and C cause 95% hepatitis related sickness and untimely deaths. Hepatitis A and E are typically caused by ingestion of contaminated food or water, […]

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  • Meet a Member of Our Staff

    Meet Martin J. Kamara, he has been apart of our hospital staff since 2008, starting out as a contractor. When he began the only building on site was the old OPD, now the hospital has many wards thanks to his previous works. He became a part of the department June 2010 after receiving community health […]

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    Global Fund Visitors

    MCH received a visit from Global Fund who work towards the end of AIDS, Tuberculosis, malaria, and other epidemics. Five of them came concerned with SSLDF and our collaborate with the government. As they toured the hospital, they spoke to nurses about common cases. They also learned the hospital is constrained in administering drugs because […]

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  • Medical Elective Students

    Annie Brunskill and Olivia are final year medical students from the University of Manchester. They joined the SSLDF team for 4 weeks, as part of their medical school elective, after reading about SSLDF and MCH on our website. They chose to come to Sierra Leone because of their interest in healthcare in developing countries, and […]

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    Goodbye to Volunteer Harry Ryder

    This month we say goodbye to 3-month volunteer Harry Ryder from the UK. He heard about SSLDF through various team members, during a short stay here in Sierra Leone, and while he was on his way out of the country, he decided to stay and volunteer with the organization. During his stay he worked with […]

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  • MCBS Graduation 2019

    June 17th 2019 will be marked as a special day for the Swiss-Sierra Leone Development Foundation as class 6 has completed their academic studies at Magbenteh Community Boarding School. A graduation ceremony was held on school grounds including parents of the graduates and a few special guests. These guests included a friend of SSLDF Mohammed […]

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    Pediatric team from Serabu

    A pediatric team from Germany who are currently based in Serabu Sierra Leone gave us a visit, they are also in Makeni hoping to collaborate and work with the Medical Science School in Makeni. They connected with SSLDF through one of our sponsors Nicolas from L`appel and decided to visit the hospital. The purpose of […]

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