Case of the Week

Simple injuries or wounds can become hugely problematic if they’re not seen to by a doctor or nurse immediately. This is what has happened to Sorie Sesay, a young boy from Freetown.

Almost a year ago, Sorie Sesay stepped awkwardly on a rock, fell over, and broke a bone in the lower part of his leg, which also created a large open wound. Whilst the pain was excruciating, he thought both the bone and the wound would heal naturally.

However, as the days passed, his leg quickly became infected and the amount of pain he suffered from increased dramatically. 
Eventually, Sorie and his parents decided that it was time to visit Magbenteh Community Hospital, and he has now been visiting the hospital frequently for the past 11 months.

The treatment has been long and complicated, however Sorie’s leg finally looks to be on the mend, and from everybody at SSLDF we wish him a very speedy recovery.