MCBS Feeding Program Launch

After a delay of one trimester due to a interruption in funding, MCBS students finally get to enjoy their lunch time with a healthy meal prepared by the kitchen staff.

The 240 children enrolled in the school come from very impoverished communities with most of them being orphaned and their caretakers suffering from socio-economical burdens that they would send them to school without any meals, which reflected badly on their health and their ability to learn. So it was a crucial change to the better future of the kids that feeding program was deemed to be necessary for the school.

SSLDF started fundraising in 2017 for a feeding program to include 3 meals per day, breakfast, lunch and snack. We were successful with the help of our partners to fully support the plan. Once implemented, we could feel the progress in the grades and the success rate was elevated up to 80%. The kids were also calmer and communicated more efficiently instead of fighting. Their BMI`s had risen to normal after they were in the underweight zone. So the feeding program has been proven to be necessary in supporting the children growth and it was SSLDF mission to continue in the endeavor of making it happen. SSLDF continues to fundraise, a part of 2019- 2020 academic year has been supported by our partner SAKOMA SL to provide 1 meal a day, in hopes that we could restore the full potential of the feeding program, we are in need for more support from our partners.