Ultrasound Machine Donation

Magbenteh Community hospital has received a very generous donation from Ms. Therese Herlihy in March 2020. An Ultrasound machine was shipped from the UK to the hospital in Makeni to be added to the outpatient department.

MCH has currently a mobile ultrasound machine mainly used in the ANC department. The machine has become faulty due to power outrage, a common demeanour in Sierra Leone.

The new Ultrasound is a Siemens, Sequoia brand model and it will be very useful for MCH doctors. The ANC team can investigate the developing foetus which will help early diagnosis of anomalies in the gestational period such as Spina Bifida, anencephaly and many more. Also, the OPD doctors will obtain a more accurate analysis in case of abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, abnormal sounds and lumps symptoms presenting in the patients abdominal and pelvic organs.

Ultrasound scans are so vital in MCH since most of the patients seeking medical help present with the above symptoms that can be uncovered with the help of an Ultrasound machine which will spare the patients from unnecessary invasive surgeries. In 2019, MCH has ran more than 650 urgent Ultrasound Scans and will be able to increment that attendance especially with the latest renovations of the Ultrasound department and the improvement of the standards when it comes to the service provided to the patients.

Therese Herlihy and her friend Marion Maher, volunteered in MCH back in 2013 during that time they did an amazing job refurbishing the X-Ray Department and fundraising to fix the X-Ray machine which included spare parts and expenses to fly an expert technician to repair it.  During the EVD outbreak, MCH received a container full of sanitisation and hygiene materials which was another thoughtful donation from the generous radiologists Herlihy and Marion.

Magbenteh Community hospital is grateful to have friends and supporter like Herlihy and others that no matter the distances and the situations are always committed to continue their efforts to support MCH on its effort to provide quality medical care for the population of sierra Leone