Outrage as Walkers cuts two crisp bags from multipacks but keeps price the same

Walkers have slashed the number of bags of crisps in its multipacks but the price has stayed the same.

The popular variety bag will still cost £3.50 despite now having 22 bags instead of 24.

Previous multipacks contained six salt and vinegar packs, six cheese and onion, six ready salted and six prawn cocktail.

But now one pack of salt and vinegar and one prawn cocktail have been removed.

Smiths’ Frazzles and Chipsticks now have six packs instead of eight but are still £1.

Packs of KP’s Space Raiders have also gone from eight to six but have also kept its £1 price.

Each bag has increased in weight by 1.2g but the multipack is still 16g lighter.

Roysters T-bone steak-flavoured bubble chips now have five bags instead of six but the £1 price remains the same.

Oli Townsend, from Money Saving Expert, has warned consumers to look out for ‘shrinkflation’.

He said: “When products get smaller but prices stay the same, shoppers rightly feel short-changed.

“If your favourite brand has got smaller but the price hasn’t, consider ‘downshifting’ by dropping one brand level from your usual choice — if you can’t tell the difference, stick with the cheaper one.”

Walkers, Smiths and KP Snacks did not comment when contacted by The Sun.

Last week Money Saving Expert’s Martin Lewis told shoppers how they can save £5 by buying a £1 pack of Walkers Taste Icons crisps.

Martin explained: “If you buy a £1 bag of these Walkers Taste Icons crisps, then there’s a QR code on the back that you can go online and it gives you £5 off when you spend £20 or more at local restaurants and takeaways.

“You can redeem on food or soft drinks so it’s a good way to support your local food emporium.”